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AIM’s Speciality Health primary goal is to provide fitting, safe, and affordable therapeutic services. As the strengths of the boards that serve today’s most potent human services associations, they assist in helping to improve mental health and reduce costs for the most complex tests and treatments today.AIM-Provider-Portal

AIM Provider Portal uses an advanced clinical principles motor from Applied Pathways to transmit critical funds for cardiology, clinical areas, such as sleep medicine, radiology, oncology, forte medications, musculoskeletal consideration, and genetic testing.

Specialty health solutions provided by AIM include surgical solutions, cardiology solutions, genetic testing solutions, medical oncology solutions, musculoskeletal solutions, sleep solutions, and radiology solutions. One can view all the solutions provided by AIM providers portal at the official portal.

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AIM Provider Registration Guidelines 

To register, open the website through the official portal:

As the page appears, under the login spaces, tap on the ‘Register’ button. In the next screen, provide the following information:

  • Enter First and Last Name.
  • Enter your User Role.
  • Enter the Organization Name.
  • Enter Address 1 and Address 2 (optional)
  • Enter your City, State, and Zip Code.
  • Enter Email Address and Phone.
  • One has to enter EXT (optional) and Fax.
  • Enter Username and Password
  • Now enter your confirmed Password.
  • Answer the Security Question; there is 5 Security Questions that need to be answered.
  • Give your health plan details.
  • Read and agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button to get registered.

Login Guidelines For AIM Provider 

To log in to the Aim provider portal, enter the following details in empty sections:

  • Enter the Username you entered while registering at the AIM provider portal.


  • Enter the Password after entering Username,
  • Tap on the ‘Login’ button.


Specialty health care is delivered in an appropriate, safe and affordable manner by AIM Specialty Health. AIM is a non-profit health plan, serving over 68 million members in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US territories to ensure they receive optimal health care through evidence-based clinical guidelines and real-time decision support. Aim provider platform, featuring a sophisticated clinical rules engine from Applied Pathways (a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIM), delivers the high cost of care savings across an expanding set of clinical domains, including radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs, sleep medicine, musculoskeletal care, rehabilitation, surgical procedures, and genetic testing.

In 2004, It Grew the number of supported members to over 5 million and received initial NCQA certification. The certification couples with URAC accreditation that they initially acquired in 1998.

In 2005, Opens a second operations center in Westchester, Illinois, to complement our operations center in Deerfield, Illinois. Introduces Imasis, the industry’s first fully functioning and customizable web-based call center application.

In 2006 It Received recertification from NCQA and accreditation from URAC. Received more than 1 million prior authorization requests via the ProviderPortal. Introduces OptiNet, the industry’s first web-based diagnostic imaging network management tool, to help health plans manage their imaging provider networks using cost and quality metrics. Aim Provider Portal has received many same achievements over the years.

Why Select AIM? 

Quadruple Aim

Quadruple Aim promises not only to improve health care but also to increase your competitive advantage. In addition to the well-known Triple Aim (improving population health, improving patient experience, and reducing costs), the Quadruple Aim aims to improve the work-life of providers and their staff.

Provider collaboration

AIM engages physicians in every step of our process, from the development of the clinical guidelines, the design of the review process, and the peer-to-peer consultation. That’s why the AIM provider portal satisfaction rating has been consistently 96 percent or greater, year after year.


  1. Physician-led clinical solutions: Medical directors at AIM are highly respected in their fields and guide the development of clinical solutions. Many practicing physicians understand how providers think and work and apply that knowledge to create programs that align with practice workflow. By extending the clinical expertise of their team to highly specialized, rapidly evolving areas of medicine, AIM medical directors benefit clients. Update you on new developments impacting your program and assist you with clinical questions. When launching a new AIM solution, their role is to educate critical practices, medical societies, and other opinion leaders so that the solution is accepted in the market.
  2. Actual peer-to-peer consultation: AIM physicians can discuss cases with the ordering physician when a practice requests a test or treatment that does not align with any clinical criteria. Over 100 physicians from over 20 specialties, including medical oncology, genetics, cardiology, and more, are part of the clinical review team. The breadth and depth of AIM’s team allow ordering providers to speak with a physician who understands their patient’s clinical scenario, knows AIM’s clinical guidelines thoroughly, and, when necessary, can recommend appropriate alternative treatment options. A better relationship with network providers benefits the health plan clients who gain from clinical credibility.
  3. Research for better product design: AIM knows that provider input improves. That’s why it’s an integral part of their process when developing tools that providers use. The design process incorporates research findings from a panel of over 4,000 providers. These enthusiastic participants have opted to be part of the conversation and help them ensure excellent usability.


AIM Speciality specializes in the most complex tests and treatments, such as chemotherapy, joint replacements, and BRCA genetic testing. AIMs solutions combine evidence-based medicine, proprietary technologies, and superior customer service with helping payers, employers, providers, and members make better health care decisions.

Clinical Solution: AIM specialty health offers Surgical solutions, Cardiology solutions, Genetic Testing solutions, Medical Oncology solutions, Musculoskeletal solutions, Sleep solutions, Radiology solutions, etc.

One can find all the clinical Guidelines under the Resources section on the official website of AIM Speciality Health. One should read and accept the terms and conditions before going for any clinical treatment.


Governmental Solution: Health plans can rely on AIM’s government unit to navigate the maze of Medicare and Medicaid compliance requirements and ensure evidence-based, affordable care for their beneficiaries. Count on AIM’s uniquely qualified team to extend your internal resources for superior management of the complexities of government health programs.

By leveraging AIM’s experience in the government market, you will stay ahead in a constantly changing landscape and support positive Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) star ratings. AIM routinely monitors CMS updates and ensures quality and compliance through documented CMS-focused training and auditing procedures. Through a proprietary, technology-based clinical review process that incorporates national and local coverage determinations, AIM’s solutions align with state and federal requirements.

Employer and labor organizations:

Employers and labor organizations are increasingly seeking new strategies to optimize their health benefits. With health costs on the rise, these organizations want to make sure their health care dollars are spent wisely to ensure clinically appropriate, high-quality care.

AIM’s clinical solutions are delivered to employers and labor organizations through health plans. AIM’s clinical solutions rely on 40 percent of the Fortune 50 to manage the tests and treatments, driving the upward trend in health spending and utilization. The AIM provider portal improves quality by aligning care with medical evidence and reduces costs associated with unwarranted deviation from proven best practices. It can collaborate with physicians to inform better health decisions before services are rendered, minimizing disruption to employees and members.

Health Systems and Providers: 

By integrating AIM’s health system and provider group solution, your patient care is streamlined, operational costs are reduced, and your physicians are supported. AIM’s solution is built upon the 25-plus years of experience in clinical decision support, which helps you manage quality and affordability.

How To Reset AIM Provider Portal Login Credentials

To reset the Password of the AIM provider portal, visit the official page:

Click “Can’t access your account?” below the login button.

For Username, give the following details.

  • Give your First and Last Name
  • Enter your Email address
  • Select the reset method
  • Now click on the ‘Continue’ button.

For resetting a password, the process is similar. Give the following details

  • Give your First and Last Name
  • Enter your Email address


  • Select the reset method
  • Now click on the ‘Continue’ button.

To unlock your account, provide the information,

  • Enter First and Last Name
  • Enter your Email address
  • You can set security questions or go for email
  • Now click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I take to request a utilization review?

The AIM Customer Service Department can be reached at (800) 252-2021 for instructions on how to initiate a request and to be put in touch with the AIM toll-free number. You can also submit requests online.

If I’m dissatisfied with AIM’s services, how can I complain?

To report dissatisfaction with AIM’s services, you can contact the Customer Service Department by calling (800) 252-2021. Additionally, you may get the health plan to complain, but AIM would like to be allowed to clarify or correct any issues you may have.

Online utilization reviews are possible. How do I get started?

Medical offices can initiate online utilization review requests. You can visit the official link.

What is the best way to contact AIM after hours?

Initiate a request at any time via AIM’s Provider Portal or by calling the AIM toll-free number assigned to the applicable health plan, and your voicemail will be returned the next business day.

Who makes decisions about requests?

Whenever a request cannot be approved by staff, a doctor reviews the information provided by your doctor. The doctor is allowed to consult with the AIM doctor. An AIM doctor decides when service cannot be approved after talking to your doctor and reviewing the information.

Contact Information

For Sales :



You can contact the AIM provider portal for other customer support at 1-800-252-2021.

Corporate office address :

8600 West Bryn Mawr Avenue

South Tower, Suite 800

Chicago, IL 60631


As a busy practice like yours, you must efficiently provide quality, appropriate care to all of your patients through AIM’s Provider Portal, which is fast and easy to use. Using the provider portal, you can receive a response to your advanced imaging request in real-time, 24/7.

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