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AIM Specialty Provider Portal offers clinical solutions that facilitate timely, safe, and affordable care. AIM’s Provider Portal helps 68 million members in all 50 states and territories by providing real-time decision support based upon evidence-based clinical guidelines.


The AIM Provider Portal aims to ensure that your members have access to adequate, safe and affordable care in a multifaceted way. Data-rich information about program performance and practice trends is also provided by AIM’s solutions to help you strengthen your strategies and manage your networks.

What is the procedure for resetting AIM Provider Portal credentials?

You can reset your password at You can access your account after launching the page by tapping the “Can’t access your account?” button. You will be redirected to another page.

Password Reset:

Please provide the following information

  • The first thing you need to do is enter your username.
  • Verifying your account requires an email address.
  • Email or security questions are both options for asking questions.
  • You need to click “Next” again after clicking “Next”.


Username Reset:

The information you need to provide is as follows:

  • Your first line of your name should be your first and last name
  • It is necessary to provide an email address.
  • You can send an email or ask a security question
  • The form can be submitted by clicking Submit.

Get your account unlocked

Here is the information you need to provide:

  • Enter your valid username here.
  • An email address is required for security reasons.
  • You can send an email or ask a security question.
  • Continue by clicking next.

Please read the account registration instructions as well.

Your transformation into a resilient and agile organization dedicated to the health of its members is driven by our core competencies. From the AIM Supplier Portal, you can contact customer service if you run into trouble. Call 1-800-252-2021 or send an email to our customer service team for more information about a specific case.