The AIM provider portal allows you to access AIM Specialty Health quickly and easily. If you have a busy practice like yours, you need to provide quality, appropriate care efficiently. Get a response in real-time 24/7 to your advanced imaging requests with AIM Provider Portal.


AIM Speciality specializes in the most complex tests and treatments, such as chemotherapy, joint replacements, and BRCA genetic testing. AIMs solutions combine evidence-based medicine, proprietary technologies, and superior customer service with helping payers, employers, providers, and members make better health care decisions.

Solutions By AIM Provider Portal

Clinical Solution: AIM specialty health offers surgical solutions, cardiology solutions, genetic testing solutions, medical oncology solutions, musculoskeletal solutions, sleep solutions, and radiology solutions.

Clinical Guidelines can be found on the official website of AIM Specialty Health under the Resources section. Any clinical treatment should be read and accepted before starting.

Governmental Solution: The government unit at AIM assists health plans in navigating the maze of Medicare and Medicaid compliance requirements and ensuring evidence-based, affordable care for their beneficiaries. AIM’s highly qualified team contributes to the superior management of government health programs by extending your internal resources.


Employer and labor organizations:

Labor organizations and employers are increasingly seeking strategies to optimize their health benefits. With health care costs on the rise, these organizations want to ensure their health care dollars are spent wisely to ensure clinically appropriate, high-quality care.

AIM’s clinical solutions are delivered through health plans to employers and labor organizations. 40 percent of the Fortune 50 companies use AIM’s clinical solutions to manage their tests and treatments, driving the trend in health spending and utilization upward. By aligning care with medical evidence, the AIM provider portal improves quality and reduces costs associated with unwarranted deviations from best practices. Using it can help physicians make better health decisions before services are rendered, minimizing disruption for employees and members.

Health Systems and Providers: 

Your patient care is streamlined, operational costs are reduced, and your physicians are supported with AIM’s health system and provider group solution. Based on AIM’s 25-plus years of experience in clinical decision support, our solution allows you to manage quality and affordability.