Why AIM?

AIM Specialty Health’s primary goal is to provide appropriate, safe, and affordable therapeutic services. The boards that serve today’s most powerful human services organizations help improve mental health and reduce costs for the most complex tests and treatments.


AIM Provider Portal delivers specialty healthcare in an appropriate, safe, and affordable manner. The AIM health plan serves more than 68 million members in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US territories, ensuring they receive optimal health care through evidence-based clinical guidelines and real-time decision support.

Why Select AIM? 

Quadruple Aim

With Triple Aim, you will not only improve health care but also increase your competitive advantage. Additionally to the Triple Aim (improving population health, improving patient experience, and reducing costs), the Quadruple Aim aims to improve the work-life of providers and their staff.

Provider collaboration

From the development of clinical guidelines to the design of the review process and peer-to-peer consultation, AIM involves physicians in every step of our process. Because of this, the AIM provider portal satisfaction rating has consistently topped 96 percent every year.


  1. Physician-led clinical solutions: The medical directors at AIM are highly respected in their fields and guide the company’s clinical development. Medical practitioners understand how providers think and work and use that knowledge to create programs that fit the practice workflow. AIM medical directors benefit clients by extending clinical expertise to highly specialized, rapidly evolving medical fields. Inform you about new developments that affect your program and assist with clinical questions. The role of the AIM team in launching a new solution is to educate key practices, medical societies, and other opinion leaders so the product is accepted.
  2. Actual peer-to-peer consultation: When a practice requests a test or treatment that does not align with clinical criteria, AIM physicians can discuss the case with the ordering physician. Our clinical review team includes more than 100 physicians from over 20 specialties, including medical oncology, genetics, cardiology, and more. AIM’s depth of expertise allows ordering providers to speak with a physician who understands the clinical scenario of their patient, knows AIM’s guidelines thoroughly, and can, when necessary, recommend alternative treatment options. Clinical credibility is gained by clients of health plans through better relationships with network providers.
  3. Research for better product design: Input from providers improves AIM’s performance. This is why it is an integral part of their process when developing tools for providers. Researchers surveyed more than 4,000 healthcare providers during the design process. Participants have chosen to be part of the conversation to make sure excellent usability is ensured.