One of AIM Specialty Health’s main goals is to provide affordable, safe, and effective therapeutic services to all patients. Among the strengths of today’s most powerful human services associations, they help improve mental health and reduce the costs of the most complex tests and treatments.


Visitors to AIM Provider Portal often have questions in their minds regarding the services and terms and conditions of the portal. Below is a list of some commonly asked questions asked by new users of AIM’s specialty portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for filing a complaint with AIM?

If you are dissatisfied with an aspect of AIM’s services, you can contact AIM’s Customer Service Department at (800) 252-2021. You may also call the health plan to lodge a complaint, but AIM would like an opportunity to clarify or correct any issues that you may have.

Can I get a copy of the clinical criteria used by AIM?

You can find AIM’s clinical guidelines on its website at aimspecialtyhealth.com/resources/clinical-guidelines. You can also request a copy of the criteria by calling AIM’s Customer Service Department at (800) 252-2021.

AIM offers several programs for its members. How can I find out if a member is covered by the plan?

Verify that the member’s insurance card participates with AIM by checking his or her insurance card. As soon as eligibility is confirmed, you can confirm the member’s eligibility online or by contacting AIM’s Customer Service Department at (800) 252-2021.

AIM’s utilization review program covers which services?

The lists vary depending on the health plan. You should have received a list of CPT codes and a detailed description of the utilization review process from the health plan. Contact AIM’s Customer Service Department at (800) 252-2021 if you have questions about this process or would like information about the services covered by the program.